A Comparison Between US PowerBall vs US MegaMillions

These days, many people are winning big due to the increase in popularity of lottos. Daily, people are hitting the jackpots and making real cash playing the popular lotto games like roulette, US PowerBall, MegaMillions, Thunderball etc. the integration of lotto games in mobile phones has further increased the popularity and has given players the opportunity to make more cash even at the comfort of their homes. If you are a Newbie in online lotto, you definitely need a few tips on which lotto site to pitch your tent with, I will take a little of my time to give you some tips on how to pick the perfect online lotto site before I make the full comparison between US PowerBall and US MegaMillions. Incase you are a pro in online lotto and you do not need any tip on selecting the right online lotto site, you can just jump directly to the comparison section.

There are some qualities you need to look out for when selecting your online lotto sites, follow the guide below so that you won’t make the same mistake newbies make.

The number of lotto sites have increased greatly recently and selecting the right one can be a challenging task. You will see lots of adverts on social medial sites, casino blogs, search engines, each advert will portray a lotto site has the best and will also include reasons why it is better than the others. How do you know which lotto site is good enough for you, which one will give you awesome deposit rewards and which one is trustworthy enough to give you your cash every time you win? The few features bellow will give you a perfect insight into these questions.

It must have a large collection of games: The best lotto sites usually offer their customers a lot of games to select from and they make use of the best gaming softwares. If you visit a lotto site and you see an array of games that has been well categorized for ease, then this is a good sign that you have just found a good lotto site. Especially if you see a section that is dedicated solely to “new games” this shows that they are dedicated to providing their customers with new and improved gaming experience.

It must be mobile optimized: We are in the era of smartphones; more and more people surf the internet via their smartphones than they do with their computers. A good lotto site must work well with your mobile devices. Before you make deposit on any lotto site, ensure you visit the website first on your mobile device. Some lotto games only work on PC and will not play on mobile, you have to consider your convenience before you pick your lotto site.

If you follow the above tips, I am sure you will make the right choice of lotto sites, now! Let us take a look at the similarities and differences between US PowerBall and US MegaMillions.

US PowerBall vs US MegaMillions

Before we can make any clear distinction between The US PowerBall and The US MegaMillions we need to make clear descriptions of the two lotto games.

US PowerBall

The US PowerBall is a lottery that runs in 8 US states including District Columbia, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. It replaced the America Lottery in the year 1992. The games make use of two drums to draw winners, one drum for the white balls and one drum for the red balls. Draws are made every Wednesday and Saturday nights. The winning numbers are announced via television, radio, newspaper and the PowerBall website. To win, players are expected to correctly match all five white balls in any order as well as the Powerball. Powerball makes use of two drums. One drum holds a total of 69 white balls while the other drum holds a total of 26 red balls. Only one red ball is drawn and this is called the PowerBall. When you purchase your ticket, you will pick four white balls and one red ball making a total of five balls. Each ball has a number written on it. If you are lucky and your numbers are drawn, you will win.    

US MegaMillions

The US MegaMillions began in the year 1996 as the big game, it became the first jackpot game to offer second-tier prizes up to $5 million in 2013 when it relaunched with a new Matrix. To play MegaMillions, you have to pick five numbers from a pool of 70, pick a mega ball from a pool of 25. to win the jackpot, you are expected to match the five mega millions number and the mega ball for the draw. The US MegaMillions draw takes place every week on Tuesday and Friday, that is when you will be able to confirm if you have won or not. You can also check the MegaMillions websites, Newspaper and Television.

What are the major differences between these two heavy weight lotteries.


The race for the higher jackpot is a constant race between these two, these day PowerBall and MegaMillions are reaching new level, and each has different jackpot which may change at any time. For PowerBall, the Jackpot is $620 million while for MegaMillions the jackpot is $1.6 billion. So, it is obvious that MegaMillions will offer you a greater jackpot than PowerBall.

Method of Playing.

The first difference is in the playing method. To choose numbers in PowerBall, each player is expected to select five numbers between 1 and 69 and one number (the power ball) between 1 and 25. The five numbers picked will determine whether you will win or not.

To choose numbers in MegaMillions is slightly different, each player can pick four numbers between 1-70 and a number (mega number) in a pool of 25 numbers.

If you are unsure of which number to pick, you can make use of numerous online number generators. The US PowerBall can multiply your prize from the third to the 9th division by up to 10 times! While MegaMillions make use of MegaPlier which can multiply the jackpot by up to 5 times. For example, if you win $2 million in the second prize division in MegaMillions and you have picked the number 3 in the MegaPlier, you will cash out $6 million instead.

Chance of winning

Your odd of winning the PowerBall is 1 in 292 million which is better than your odd of winning MegaMillions which is 1 in 302.6 million.  So, you have a greater chance of winning the PowerBall lottery than winning the MegaMillions. 

The birth of the two lotteries

PowerBall and MegaMillions did not come at the same time, PowerBall came first and it launched in six states in 1988 while MegaMillions came into existence several years later when it was introduced in 1996. These two lotteries are run by two wholly independent associations. The PowerBall is managed by Multi-State lottery Association – a non-profit organization. As you can see, the differences between the two lotteries are very small, but each has its own disadvantages and advantages over the other. Your choice of lotteries will be determined by which one you find more attractive.

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