TheLotter allows you to play lotteries around the globe directly from your computer/smartphones, from the MegaMillions, EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, and US PowerBall to name a few. To get started you need to select the lottery, for example, the US PowerBall, enter the number, and then you would be able to win the exciting jackpots. support 46 lotteries allowing the customers to win millions of jackpots around the globe. is supported in 14 languages giving customers an opportunity to play and win the lotteries globally.

TheLotter website

TheLotter website has a simple and easy to navigate interface. The website is completely secure and they offer 24/7 assistance to their users which makes it easier to resolve the customer queries promptly. The use of multiple colours on the website helps the viewers to easily distinguish between the different sections of the website. The best thing about the website is that the users would be able to see the scanned copy of the ticket purchased. This makes the process completely transparent and the users would be able to know how their money is being used by the company.


SSL Compliant

TheLotter website is SSL certified which makes sure that the transactions that are being done with the website are secure and authenticated. The company being SSL certified adds to a trustworthy and long-term positive relationship with the customers.


Discount Offers and Promotions

The company offers a number of special offers to its customers. These include cashback, free subscription, Discount coupons etc. I believe this is the sales strategy of the company through which the company can attract more customers to use their services at an attractive price range.

About TheLotter

TheLotter was founded in 2002 with headquarters located in Malta. The company offers the people an opportunity to play the lotteries while sitting at the comfort of their home. The company has over 20 local offices worldwide. The company offers a simple and secure service to the users without taking any commission. To ensure the reliability of the data, the company prints a serial number on the lottery ticket through which they can identify the buyer and the lottery purchased.

Pros of using TheLotter

  • Over 46 lotteries and 25 syndicates to choose from.
  • The website support 14 languages.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Availability of scanned copy of the ticket purchased.
  • A range of discount and cashback offers.

Cons of using TheLotter

  • Addition of Handling fees.
  • Customer Documentation Requirement


Final Verdict

Overall, TheLotter is a good lottery playing company. The company is legit and strives hard to ensure that the process is completely smooth. It maintains complete transparency of the overall lottery process from the stage of initiation to its completion. The company may take some time to attend to the customer queries; that’s because the company is undergoing the analysis of the problem. But once the company analyzes the problem it will ensure that the customer’s problem is resolved effectively. You would not regret spending your time with TheLotter. The customer’s satisfaction is completely guaranteed by the company.

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