Since the 23rd of June last year, no jackpots were won on the SuperEnalotto claimed the news. The Italian lottery kept on rolling over until a recent win stormed the news. On the 13th of August, a winning ticket bought in Lodi earned itself a staggering €209 million.

The win easily surpassed any other won jackpots in Europe to date, including EuroMillions’ record £161.1 million, won in the UK in 2012. The lucky ticket holder set an astounding record for both Italy and the rest of Europe, finally crossing the €200 million line, that seemed to be unbreakable only months ago.

EuroMillions’ jackpot is always capped at €190 million, and until recently, it seemed to be the highest prize ever available to European lotteries. With most European lotteries having a cap for their jackpot, it makes sense that no jackpot in Europe has ever passed the €200 million mark.

On the 30th of October, 2010, a jackpot won through SuperEnalotto amounted to a whole €177.7 million, won by a syndicate of 70 ticket holders based in Milan. It was the highest lottery prize ever seen in Italy, up until the recent jackpot.

Only two lotteries in the US Powerball, and MegaMillions – managed to reach a jackpot over a billion. The said prizes often spur people on, with their high potential and stunning wins. It’s no wonder that lotteries are the most common method of gambling in the US. In Europe, however, jackpots usually range over a few million euros but claim the news and everyone’s interest either way.

In May, the possible jackpot for SuperEnalotto reached a €150 million. As June approached, the jackpot increased all the way up to 178.1 million, which was the highest lottery prize ever seen in Italy at the time.

In July, the jackpot exceeded €190 million, making it the biggest prize up for grabs in Europe at the time. In August, the jackpot exceeded €200 million – followed by a stunning win on the 13th.

SuperEnaLotto – A Quick Look

The first SuperEnalotto draw took place in 1997 and has since grown into one of the most popular lotteries in Italy. With its huge jackpots and a lack of a jackpot cap, it always had the potential to keep growing. Unlike other lotteries, which have jackpot caps – EuroMillions only being able to reach a prize of €190 million, and Eurojackpot being capped at €90 million.

How to play the SuperEnaLotto

The lore of the game, like many other lotteries, remains simple. Choose your six main numbers from a pool of 1-90. If you decide to play the SuperStar option, you receive a higher chance of winning bigger prizes. The Superstar is drawn from a separate ball machine, from a pool of 1-90.

If your six numbers match the six drawn numbers, you’ve earned yourself a jackpot. These start at €2 million, and since they don’t have a cap, the jackpot can keep on rolling, until a winning a ticket earns it.

The drawing takes place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in the evening, at 20:00 in Rome. The Instant Win option offers you a 1 in 500 chance of immediately winning a prize, after purchasing your ticket. Then, you receive a game receipt – it has a Magic Square (Quadrato Magico), with four random numbers.

If all of the four numbers in the Magic Square match the numbers you play in the main game (not including SuperStar numbers), you receive the Instant Win prize of €25 and can claim it immediately.

All in all, the chances of winning anything aren’t hopeless. Starting with a 1 in 16 chance of winning anything when playing the SuperStar option, players are easily encouraged by the easy possibility of winning. The odds of earning the jackpot, however, pans out at a much higher figure, putting most at a clear disadvantage. Yet, the simplicity and adrenaline of the game remains. Anyone over 18 with a euro in their pocket can play, and anyone who buys a ticket has a chance of winning the jackpot that starts at €2 million.

With the lottery being available online to anyone, and with an uncapped jackpot, the possibilities are endless. All in all, a European lottery’s jackpot exceeding €200 million was unexpected, and not considered a possibility, until recently. With SuperEnalotto having a lack of won jackpots for a little over a year, this sudden win was unexpected for both Europe and the unexpecting bar where the ticket was purchased, in the northern city of Lodi.

The record-breaking number was greatly owed to the fact that the jackpot has been rolling since June of 2018 – which isn’t surprising, considering the low odds of winning it. The question that remains at the end of the day, however, is the possibility of a European lottery game surpassing the freshly made record jackpot in the future.

A few things have to be taken into consideration – the odds of winning, the jackpot caps, and the number of players taking part. If the odds of winning are kept low for SuperEnalotto, the jackpot has a high chance of constantly rolling. Without a jackpot cap, the prize can theoretically reach higher amounts than the last one. If the odds are kept low enough so no ticket receives the jackpot for over a year, then the jackpot has a secure chance of surpassing the €200 million line again or even setting another record for Italy.